Monthly Archives: July 2021

Fun Hygiene Activities for Toddlers

Toddler and parent washing hands as fun hygiene activity

Hygiene might currently seem boring and like a chore for your toddler, but it is imperative that we teach them about hygiene and how they can keep themselves healthy. Here are some fun ways that you can make hygiene more exciting and help your toddler understand the science behind keeping clean. Basic Toddler Hygiene: What… Read more »

3 Quick & Easy Cakes to Bake with Your Toddler

Toddler doing simple baking at home

Simple baking with your toddler can help them practise those fine motor skills, as well as educate them about ingredients, learn measuring skills and introduce them to cooking!  But overall, baking is a fun activity to do together where you can bond as parent and child. So, here are some really easy and delicious cakes… Read more »

What Do Children Learn in Nursery

Nursery children reading a book

On top of receiving exceptional care, we know that education and discovery are important to a lot of parents. But what do children actually learn whilst at nursery?  From social skills to intellectual development, here’s everything that we cover at Little Angels that will prepare your child for school. What is the EYFS framework? The… Read more »