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6 Workouts To Do With Your Toddler

Mum and toddler workout by the sea

We all know the importance of keeping active, no matter what age we are. But for your toddler, regular exercise is especially key for their healthy development and growth. To make exercise more fun for you both, why not partake in some parent and toddler workouts? We’ve got 6 workouts to do with toddlers to… Read more »

Physical Exercise For Toddlers: Why It’s Important To Get Them Active

Child playing with ball physical exercise for toddlers

Whether you’re unsure if your child is moving their body enough or you’re stuck on exercise ideas, we’re here to help. Physical exercise for toddlers is extremely important and can include both unstructured active play and organised activities. Regular and varied movement promotes the development of a child’s motor, cognitive and social skills, as well… Read more »

How To Improve Toddler Fine Motor Skills

Toddler improving fine motor skills by playing in sand

Want to help your toddler develop those all-important fine motor skills? It can be tricky to think of effective yet engaging activities for your little one. But, fear not, here’s how to improve toddler fine motor skills with our top 10 activities.   What are fine motor skills and why are motor skills important? Many… Read more »