We pride ourselves on creating a home to home environment for the children in our settings.

Our children’s facilities are purpose-built, designed with experience and structured around three age groups, babies, toddlers and preschoolers. From messy play and sensory areas to arts and crafts spaces, there is no detail left unchecked or unaccounted for. This makes our settings ideal for children to learn, rest and play in an environment conducive to their comfort and wellbeing. We constantly look for ways to improve and develop our settings. Maximising your child’s potential and ensuring they meet all elements of the evolving Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework.

We promote a relaxed atmosphere where children can stay in their own space with their key person or play with other age groups at various times of the day. This freedom is popular as children have the opportunity to mix with different age groups whilst becoming familiar with all staff. We find that this is essential for continuity of care. Furthermore, it assists with aiding a smooth and relaxed in – house transition (between our three age groups). 

Baby Rooms

Our large, airy baby rooms allow for plenty of space for the youngest members to play, crawl and learn to toddle. Our home to home baby day-care environment ensures children’s individual routines and needs are met. This makes it ideal for babies to settle and develop during their early stages of life.

Equipped with top quality toys for a multi-sensory environment, babies learn to use their five senses to develop coordination and explore their new world. A variety of resources are available where babies can enjoy various experiences of sight, sound, smell and touch which are all important in a child’s development. Our baby rooms provide a bright, stimulating and welcoming environment in which children can safely explore, have fun and learn through play.

Above all, a high ratio of qualified staff ensures the individual attention, cuddles, reassurance, presence and continuity your baby needs to feel safe and secure. We have one member of staff allocated for every three children. This enables meaningful relationships to be formed and vast learning opportunities to be provided. Each child has a key worker who carefully monitors progress and development in their own progress folder.

Toddler Spaces

Our spacious and exciting toddler areas are bright and full of enriching resources to stimulate your child’s early years development. Toddlers learn through play and are encouraged to make their own decisions, explore and express themselves as they continue learning about who they are, their environment and the world we live in.  Through continuous, meticulously recorded, observations by their key workers, the activities are planned around the children’s likes and interests. Planned and child-initiated activities are complemented by a large variety of enriching resources to support our themes and activities. These resources are easily accessible low-level units to stimulate and assist in the children’s early years development and independence. We have a range of stimulating areas around the rooms for children to explore which are regularly adapted to ensure engagement and excitement. In our toddler space your child will learn:

  • to be creative with paint, water and sand;
  • have fun with other children solving construction problems with building blocks;
  • start to read with books from our library; and
  • dance, sing and play with musical instruments.

Toddlers have a messy zone, role-play area, cosy book corner and a sensory section for them to explore, be curious and to imagine. Our large open plan layout gives children the chance to socialise with all ages and allows for free flow between the groups if your child so wishes. Toddlers are encouraged to team up with older children. This allows them to access a different type of environment and preparing them for mixing with slightly larger numbers of children.

Pre-School Spaces

The pre-school spaces provide our older children with the opportunity and experiences to further develop their confidence and independence. When your child is ready to move up to this space, they will benefit from carefully planned early years educational subjects (using the EYFS framework), and free play. This space provides a secure environment enabling the children to develop the skills required in preparation for schools such as social skills, independence and self-esteem.

Our children are prepared for school by developing literacy skills, numeracy skills and taking part in physical education opportunities. We encourage a range of activities including arts and crafts, sand and water, music, dance, language classes, reading and of course the popular role-play area. Our pre-school rooms are treasure troves of fun equipment and toys designed to stimulate and support the EYFS Seven Key Areas of Learning.

Kitchen and mealtimes

Our nurseries have fully-equipped kitchens, inspected by Environmental Health Officers and staffed by qualified cooks. All our meals are made on-site using fresh ingredients and catering for a range of dietary requirements. Our meal plans consist of three nutritious meals per day, with a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.