We ensure our children develop in line with the EYFS regulations and development stages

This is why we have put together an exciting program of extra-curricular activities to nourish and stimulate their minds. You can learn more about our classes and activities below, all of which are included within our standard rates.


We are delighted to be working with Stretch-n-Grow, the world’s leading health and fitness programme specially designed for children from the age of 12 months to 7 years in the form of a weekly class to get our kids in the habit of physical activity.


We have yoga classes which are a wonderful way to increase children’s co-ordination, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem while they stretch and strengthen their bodies. Using yoga, children can learn to relax and concentrate in a fun and creative environment.

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French Language Class

Working in collaboration with Les Petits Tigres which was founded to encourage French language learning that allows children to develop new language skills and social confidence so they glide into their next stage of education with ease.

Early Years Sign Language Class

We hold a weekly sign language class in collaboration with Ettie Betty Baby Signs. The children learn British Sign Language through lots of fun songs, stories and sensory fun. We believe sign language can help to bridge the gap between baby babble and their first words. Furthermore, research in this area suggests that children who have been taught to sign reap rewards such as larger expressive and receptive spoken language vocabularies, advanced cognitive development and reduced problematic behaviours like tantrums resulting from frustration.

Music Class

We’re incredibly proud to have music classes at our Perkins Square and Southwark Bridge Road locations.  We believe that young children respond in a very special way to music and movement. We use a wide variety of styles and genres of music and encourage children to engage creatively with the music through props, movement and their imagination.

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Cooking Class

At our pre-school nursery, we run cooking classes for all our children, which helps foster creativity and a collaborative spirit. Whilst also inspiring them to have fun with food and help them to try new flavours, explore their senses and make informed    choices towards a healthy lifestyle.

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While in our care, we try to give our little ones as much exposure to the outside world as we can. For this reason, we offer a thorough trips programme where we explore hidden gems in the community.

We think that by doing this, we provide our kids a more comprehensive view of the world and our world while also inspiring them to learn more about it. Every day, we make sure kids may run around and play outside. Once a month, we organise bigger excursions to places like farms and museums.

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