Helping Children Play Together at Nursery

Playing with other children is a key part of a child’s social development at nursery. At Little Angels we set out to help your child learn to play well with their peers and develop friendships.


 By helping children play together, we teach them key friendship and social skills which will be invaluable to their future. These skills include:

  •     Sharing
  •     Taking turns
  •     Cooperating
  •     Talking and listening to others
  •     Managing disagreement
  •     Empathy


By giving your child the chance to play with other children at nursery you get a head start on helping them develop vital social skills and early friendships.


Here are just some of the tactics we use to help children play together at nursery:

1) We give children a variety of options for play and praise them when they decide what to play together.

2) We encourage children to invite others to join in play if they see anyone feeling left out, as well as teach children to work out how to join in play themselves.

3)   We encourage children to share toys, books and games and praise them when they do.

4) We monitor how our nursery children interact with one another and ensure that they have enjoyable experiences whilst playing together.

5) We make sure our nursery has a community feeling and that our play items promote social play.


What are the benefits of helping children play together at nursery?

Little Angels nursery is dedicated to promoting physical and mental health in all our children. By sharing play experiences, our nursery children have a greater awareness of how to express themselves productively as they become more independent. This also means that when our children spend time playing together, we see that they begin to follow their own play ideas and instincts. This leads to increased creativity and teamwork!

Because we recognise the importance of group play, the environment of the Little Angels nursery has been carefully arranged to promote interaction amongst all our children. Every child at Little Angels will learn life skills unique to the power of group play.