Here Are 4 Reasons Why Nursery Is Good For Your Toddler

As your child grows older, the world starts to open up and your options for education and fulfilment increase. If you’re a stay-at-home parent or guardian, it can be tempting to keep your little one at home with you full time, however, the question “Is nursery good for toddlers” is a pertinent one. 

So what are the benefits of nursery and should you send your child to one?

We forgive you if you think we might be slightly biased, but we genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that going to nursery is good for toddlers – and babies too. 

Providing you choose an environment that you are comfortable with and that your child can flourish in, nursery can only ever be a positive thing. Of course, to find the right nursery you need to do your research, which is why we always advise parents to attend a prospective nursery’s open day before committing to it. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the (many) benefits of sending your child to nursery.

Is nursery good for toddlers?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a resounding “yes” from us here at Little Angels. But why? Where’s the science to back up the claims that attending kindergarten and nursery for children is beneficial?

Here are just a few reasons.

– Going to nursery improves child development   

Whilst keeping your little bundle of joy at home all day might be fun, and we know how hard it can be for parents to take that gigantic step into letting their little one out of their sight, the fact is that one of the benefits of nursery is that it can help toddlers develop their skills – be they oral, motor, hand-eye coordination or a love of learning.  

For example, at Little Angels nurseries we encourage children to play, socialise, learn languages, and even cook simple meals – all under the supervision of our qualified nursery chef, of course.

Being surrounded by other children also helps toddlers develop empathy and understanding. And of course, they’ll make friends too which gives you the opportunity to set up playdates outside of nursery and meet some like minded parents too!

– Going to nursery improves independence   

Wanting your child to grow up with an enquiring mind and a sense of independence is natural for any parent. Your toddler will start learning who they truly are when they’re given a sense of freedom. 

Going to nursery is good for toddlers because they’re at that naturally inquisitive age when finding, doing, and learning is a cause for wonderment each and every day. And that’s one of the big benefits of nursery – your child is out there, on their own and fending for themself.

It might sound scary to you, but it’s sure to be a source of amazement to them. And it will help them grow into more rounded little humans who know how to act and think for themselves. 

– Going to nursery instils a sense of structure

One of the benefits of nursery is the fact that it provides routine to your toddler’s life. This in turn will help prepare them for the more structured day at school. 

At Little Angels, we design your child’s day around meal times, activities and play time. Having a routine helps young children feel more confident and secure when they graduate to school and will also help them to control their emotions. 

Like any of us, when a toddler knows what to expect and when to expect it, they will be more prepared to play an active role. For example, before they eat lunch they must wash their hands and before nap time they need to start winding down.

– Going to nursery helps children love education

If you’re wondering whether or not nursery is good for toddlers, consider it the first rung on the ladder of their education. Being a life-long learner is something that benefits us all no matter what our age is.

At Little Angels, we care deeply about instilling a love of learning in children, which is why we have carefully crafted a series of extra curricular activities for the babies and toddlers in our care. 

We believe that going to a nursery encourages young children to think critically and have a positive attitude towards learning. And that’s because we make learning fun!

Whether your child is practising yoga, learning French or finding out how to express themselves with music, the knock on effect of learning something new (and something fun!) will stimulate little brains and spark the joy for education.  

The benefits of nursery for toddlers – and you!

If you want to know if nursery is good for toddlers, the answer is a resounding yes. But let’s be honest here; is sending your toddler to nursery good for you too?

Sending your toddler to nursery is a positive thing – for one, it gives you time to recharge your batteries. It also gives you a breather that makes it more likely that you’ll appreciate the time spent with your (let’s be honest, often demanding!) toddler.

How Little Angels becomes part of your family

If you’re apprehensive about sending your child to kindergarten and are still not sure if nursery is good for toddlers, be assured that at Little Angels nursery, we are totally committed to keeping parents and guardians involved in your child’s care.

We use a parent-friendly app called Family which allows you to message us directly. Furthermore, messages can either be private to management, the staff in your child’s room or to other parents or guardians in your nursery. 

The app also lets you view your child’s daily activities such as sign-in and out times, nappy changes, sleep times, and meals.

Family and Little Angels also enable you to monitor your child’s development in line with the EYFS Guidelines by giving you access to the app and parent observations. 

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At Little Angels nursery in Perkins Square, we understand that a dynamic nursery environment will help little people learn and flourish. Not all nurseries are created the same, but we know what makes babies and toddlers tick.

We’re a family run nursery that has been operating for more than a decade and we’d love to meet your little one too! Get in touch, book a tour of our nursery and we look forward to meeting you very soon.