How Our Nursery Facilities Help Your Toddler Thrive

We spend our days caring for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, so naturally we spend a lot of time talking to their parents and guardians too. And from these chats we know that some people find choosing the right nursery facilities a little daunting.

There are a lot of options for child day care out there, but not all nurseries are created equal. 

At Little Angels, parents tell us that one of the things that made them choose to entrust us with their child’s wellbeing and education are our thoughtfully created nursery rooms.

Our nursery facilities have been designed to allow children to learn, play and rest in a welcoming and engaging environment that enables all ages to flourish.

Our Nursery Facilities For Toddlers

We firmly believe that the best nursery rooms are designed to stimulate your child’s development, and our space for toddlers continues to grow on the ethos that our baby rooms are founded on. 

For example, we aim to inspire creativity and instil a love of learning, and we help children socialise, foster friendships and increase their skills and confidence. 

Our nursery facilities for toddlers include four separate areas to allow children to reap all the benefits of nursery education. These are:

The Messy Zone

Most children love to get involved with a messy activity – usually the messier the better! Our messy zone allows toddlers to explore their creative side through activities such as painting, drawing, and sand and water play.

But don’t worry, because we’ll never send your little one home at the end of the day soaking wet or covered in paint!  

The Role-Play Area

Role-play is an excellent way of developing a toddler’s communication skills. It also helps increase self-awareness as well as an awareness of others and of their immediate environment. And of course, it’s great fun too.

Our toddler’s nursery room is fully equipped with a role-play area that’s full of fun toys and games that will fire up little imaginations and encourage children to socialise.

Cosy Book Corner

Learning to read is a complex process and not as simple as picking up a book and somehow knowing instinctively how to get started. No doubt you’re teaching your toddler to read at home, and our cosy book corner is a continuation of that.

Our nursery facilities include a library that has been lovingly stocked with hand picked and age appropriate books that will encourage a life-long love of reading.

Sensory Section

The best nursery rooms take into account the importance of sensory play in helping toddlers develop their motor and language skills. The sensory section at Little Angels is where we like to get loud – singing, dancing and playing instruments are all part of the fun.

Music has been proven to be important for child development and studies have shown that learning to play an instrument actually accelerates brain development.

How Do Nursery Rooms Help Toddlers Thrive?

Day care should never be somewhere where a child goes just because a parent or guardian is at work and needs someone to look after them. They should be spaces that nurture the individual child’s strengths and help them blossom.

And for that to happen in a constructive, safe and enjoyable manner the nursery facilities need to be professionally designed, managed and run.

This is also why even though we ‘divide’ our nurseries into baby rooms, and toddler and preschool spaces, our overall layout is spacious and open plan.

Not separating children into different nursery rooms gives them the ability to move around and socialise with children of different ages.

We also encourage toddlers to partner with older children as this enables them to experience a different type of environment and helps prepare them for mixing with larger numbers of children when they move up to school.

This has an additional benefit of helping children transition more smoothly internally between Little Angel’s three age groups too.  

The Best Nursery Room For Your Toddler

If you’re trying to choose nursery facilities for your baby, toddler or preschooler, we recommend making an in-person visit to all of the nurseries on your shortlist and taking advantage of their open days, if they hold them. 

That way you’ll get a much better feel for which facility will help your kiddo thrive and you’ll also be able to put your mind at rest if you’re a little worried about sending your child to nursery.   

Nursery Facilities At Little Angels

If we sound like we’d be the perfect fit for your child, why not pay us a visit? We also offer video tours around our nursery rooms for busy parents and guardians whose schedules don’t allow them time to drop in in person. 

Booking either type of tour at our Perkins Square nursery is quick and simple, and we’ll get back to you with a time slot as quickly as we can.

Meanwhile, you’re very welcome to download our brochure which will give you more information about our facilities and activities so you can see exactly why we’re the best nursery rooms in London!