We take nutrition very seriously given that diet is crucially important for children’s early years development and behavioural habits. This is why we are proud to provide fresh, healthy and tasty meals made from organic ingredients.

Our nursery’s meal plan, prepared daily on-site by an experienced chef, puts them in the best position to bounce around in play time and focus during activities. We also encourage the children to learn about what they are eating and even partake in some mini cooking classes – you might bring them home one day, and they’ll cook your dinner! 

An example of your child’s weekly nursery meal plan could be:

Breakfast (8am-9am)

Cereal selection, porridge, toast

Mid-Morning Snack (10am)

Assorted fruits

Lunch (11:30am – 12pm)

Spaghetti Bolognese & fresh vegetable
Roast potatoes with chicken breast and broccoli
Greek beef meat balls with rice & vegetables
Lamb curry with pumpkin & rice
Fresh vegetable lasagna

Afternoon Snack (3pm)

Organic yoghurt & rice cakes

Dinner (4pm-5pm)

Couscous with vegetables
Mixed vegetable soup
Greek lentil soup with bread roll
Macaroni with mixed vegetables
Roast cod with mixed salad & vegetables