At Little Angels, we take nutrition very seriously because a healthy, balanced diet is crucial during a child’s early years development.

Our fresh, healthy, and tasty meals are made with this in mind. Every day, our experienced chef prepares all meals and snacks which are included in our fees, including breakfast, lunch, mid-morning snack, and tea. Every week, our menus change to ensure a variety of wholesome, nutritionally-balanced, and appetising dishes.

The children are also encouraged to make healthy choices and learn about what they eat. To accomplish this, we arrange mini cooking classes that engage them with the food they eat. One day, they might cook dinner for you at home!


Our menus follow the Caroline Walker Trust food guidelines to guarantee balanced and nutritious meals. We do not add salt, artificial additives or sugar to any of our dishes. 

Each meal is designed to provide a balanced portion of protein, vegetables and a slow-releasing complex carbohydrate. Any dietary needs, such as food intolerances, allergies and religious choices, are all considered in the preparation of the meals and can be catered for separately. Fresh drinking water is available at all times. An example of your child’s weekly meal plan could be:Little Angels Nutrition Table

Food safety

We ensure that great care is taken when preparing meals and food is cut into small pieces enabling your child to eat enjoyably and safely. For these reasons, we have our own strict internal procedures regarding food safety such as not serving children whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, meatballs and any other foods with has the potential to cause choking. We also prioritise hygiene and ensure all ingredients are washed, cooked and served safely and hygienically.

From liquid to solid

Parents and guardians are asked to provide bottles with formula or breast milk for children who require them. Once your child is ready to be weaned onto solids, we will provide a meal that you feel comfortable with, e.g. pureed vegetables. We then gradually progress with the diet by adding different foods and moving onto different textures when you and your child are ready. We are happy to spoon-feed or to facilitate baby lead weaning, or, as is more common, a healthy combination of both. We liaise with parents and guardians on a regular basis throughout this exciting time.

Eating together

Our menus are designed to encourage independent eating and meals are served at the table. This encourages eating together as a community and reinforces the enjoyment of sharing a meal with others.