In light of the current circumstances, we at Little Angels understand the challenges parents are facing as they balance working from home and caring for their little ones.

This is why we have decided to support our community by offering FREE online child development classes for all parents and their little ones. These classes are held by Azi herself and take place every day at 11:30am via Zoom. We also provide a weekly blog for our parents with isolation activity ideas along with a weekly video plan which is sent via email. A sample weekly plan can be found below:


Monday at 11 am

Reading and Math

Tuesday at 11 am

Arts and crafts

Wednesday at 11 am


Thursday at 11 am


Friday at 11 am

Sing and Dance

Weekly Blog Sample

Sent on Wednesday 2nd April: Quarantine Yoga With Your Little One


If you would like to join our classes please sign up below and we will email you instructions on how to join. Classes are suitable for children aged 6 months to 5 years.