We pride ourselves on the home to home environment we have fostered in each of our settings and the bond we have cultivated with our families. Every setting is housed in a beautifully converted residential home, with spaces for no more than 39 children. This allows us to treat every child as our own and every parent as part of our extended family.

our team

What makes our nurseries truly unique is our hand-picked and meticulously vetted  staff team members. All of whom are extremely proud to be part of the Little Angels family. We ensure that we recruit, develop and retain the very best staff who excel in the childcare field.

We implement rigorous industry and background checks and have a continuous programme of structured development and training in place.  This means all our staff are committed to providing the highest quality of care and development for your child. We also avoid using agency staff to cover staff holidays or sickness opting instead for our trusted regular ‘bank’ staff. Our staff members underpin our every success and form the fabric of our home to home environment.

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settling IN procedure

Our unique settling in process allows both the children and their parents and/or guardians to seamlessly integrate into the setting and adapt to their new routine. We take an extremely personal and tailored approach to every child’s settling in journey. This is to ensure their unique needs are met and any concerns are tended too.

We pride ourselves in building a meaningful relationship with all of our parents and/or guardians. This begins by working in partnership throughout the registration and settling in process to establish trust. The first step of this partnership is a home visit for every family that registers with us, which we recommend to schedule prior to the child starting. We believe that this enables parents and/or guardians and children to meet the staff in the place where they feel most at ease; at home.

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Development Program

We believe that a day without a plan is like a flight without a destination. Which is why we have a thrilling itinerary of activities planned for our children. With over two decades of childcare experience, we know the importance of engaging your child in  stimulating activities.

From cooking to arts and crafts, reading to child-initiated play, our children are never bored. We want to engage all their senses during playtime, which is why we have a specially designed messy play area and facilitate outdoor play. The children learn, socialise and most importantly have fun! We also encourage regular meetings between parents and/or guardians and key workers to discuss the developmental progression of their child and to get feedback.

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At Little Angels, we take nutrition very seriously because a healthy, balanced diet is crucial during a child’s early years development. This is why we are proud to provide fresh, healthy and tasty meals.  Your child will be served breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and tea, all of which are included in our fees.

Our menus change weekly to ensure a variety of wholesome, nutritionally-balanced and appetising dishes. Copies of which can be obtained from the team or through our Famly app to help you plan meals for your child at home. We operate meatless Mondays, international discovery Wednesdays and fish Fridays to ensure children are consuming a variety of proteins and discovering new cuisines.

We also encourage the children to learn about what they are eating and make healthy choices by organising mini cooking classes to get them engaged with the food they consume. You might bring them home one day, and they’ll cook your dinner!

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We understand that proper hygiene is absolutely crucial in our  settings and a top priority for most parents and/or guardians. This is why we truly go the extra mile when maintaining the cleanliness across our settings.

All staff wear aprons when feeding, cleaning or changing the children. The toys are regularly steamed and the settings are cleaned every day with a deep sanitisation taking place every week. We have a very strict policy when it comes to children who are poorly to ensure any germs and viruses are contained and all children are healthy.

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Feedback and continuous improvement

We are dedicated to continuously improving our setting, the team and our community. This is reflected in our monthly improvement commitment whereby we set out to make a small change for the better across the settings. This can range from introducing environmentally friendly, bamboo cutlery to engaging team members in charitable activities such as the 2020 London marathon.

We are committed on working in partnership with the parents and/or guardians in carrying out these improvements and actively engage them in any decision making. We do this through questionnaires, regular feedback requests, meetings and anonymous feedback box we have at both our settings. These improvements and initiatives are outlines in our monthly journal, which is sent out to parents and/or guardians.