10 Outdoor Activities For Children

Passionate about getting your children outside? After being in lockdown for so long, it is vital that your child gets to experience the great outdoors. 

It can not only be a great way to get in some exercise and have a break from TV or devices, but also a nice opportunity to spend time with your little one. There are also many other benefits such as increased concentration, reduced levels of stress and improved cognitive skills.

Here are ten exciting outdoor activity ideas to experience as a family:

1. Make A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt provides a list of items to find or do within a set time limit. They are the perfect way to get your child to enjoy the outdoors for a long time. Not only are they easy and inexpensive, but they can also be made educational without your child even realising!

What you decide to put in your scavenger hunt is down to your creativity. It could be a list of nature-based items like flowers or leaves, or maybe something beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

2. Go For A Walk

After a while, it might be nice for your child to have a change of scenery. Going for a walk and discovering a new place might be exciting for your child. This is also a fantastic way to spend time together as a family and make special memories. 

From exploring local rivers to woodland walks, there are plenty of family-friendly walking routes to choose from. The National Trust has lots of recommendations that are guaranteed to spark your child’s interest in nature.

They can also be fun and educational as it’s an opportunity for your child to make natural discoveries. Try to collect some leaves from different trees or spot some frogspawn.

3. Ride A Bike

Your child may be too young to ride a bike, but using a tricycle or a bike with stabilisers is a great place to start a new, exciting activity for your child. Bicycling also makes for a fun whole-family outdoor activity. 

Be sure to stay close by to them and give them a bit of encouragement if needed, and those stabilisers will be off in no time!

4. Play Throw And Catch

Throw and Catch is a classic game that you will most likely remember playing as a child. But it’s still as fun as ever! 

It is a great way for your child to build coordination skills. We recommend using a soft or bouncy ball on the bigger side to keep your little ones safe from injuring themselves.

There are lots of variations you can play to keep things interesting too, such as piggy in the middle.

5. Do Some Gardening

Creating a mini garden patch for your child is not only a great activity for the day, but it will get your child out in the garden regularly to check up on their plants. Let your child suggest what they would like to plant. It could be some flowers or some fruit and veg! 

Gardening is a healthy and inexpensive activity for your child to enjoy and learn at the same time. According to the RHS, research suggests children perform better at school if they’re involved with gardening and many will develop a greater interest in healthy eating if they get to grow their own veg. You could even use the vegetables that your child has grown to make a simple lunch or dinner together.

6. Blow Some Bubbles

This activity is so simple, but there is no doubt that every child is kept entertained by bubbles.

You can create your own DIY bubble mix using dish soap and water. Your child can also get involved in creating the mixture.

Maybe have a competition to see who can blow the biggest bubble or the most bubbles in 1 minute!

7. Create Some Chalk Art

Chalk is a great way for your child to let their creativity go wild. Let them draw on the ground or any solid surface and create whatever they’d like. The chalk can then be easily washed away for your peace of mind.

Games can easily be created on the ground for your child too! Why not draw them a hopscotch design on the floor and get them active?

8. Have A Picnic

Picnics are a fun way to enjoy being outdoors, especially with summer days approaching.

You can really get your child involved in this activity. They could help make some treats or find the perfect spot to set up the picnic blanket.

9. Colour or Numbers Run

This is a game that can be made educational, yet super fun!

Using your chalk, draw four squares in different spots. The squares could either contain colour or a number. You then call out a square and your child has to run to the correct spot. 

This is not only a great form of exercise but can help your child with an area they might need help with.

10. Jump In Puddles

The fun shouldn’t stop when the weather gets bad, especially knowing what our British weather is like. Get some wellies and a raincoat out and hunt down some big puddles to splash in. It will be the source of much enjoyment and laughter!

Outdoor Activities at Little Angels

We love to take our children on outings to lots of exciting areas around us, including the Tate, Borough Market, local playgrounds and life along the River Thames.

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