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Toddler playing with building blocks
11th September 2020

The Benefits of Nursery and Preschool Education

As a parent, you want to make sure you do the best thing for your child. So, it can be a big decisio...
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Toddler Reading Book
28th August 2020

How to Teach Your Toddler to Read

Learning to read is one of the most important stages in a child’s development. It is also an essen...
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Children Eating
20th August 2020

Our Approach to Helping Fussy Eaters at Nursery

Fussy eating is a common problem for young children, with 75% of toddlers affected to some extent. R...
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27th July 2020

How nursery should prepare your child for school

Preparing for the first day of school can be a daunting prospect for any child, but luckily there ar...
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Child Playing with Bubbles
9th July 2020

The importance of play to children’s learning and development

Play forms an essential part of every child’s life and is vital for children’s health and physic...
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8th April 2020

At-Home Yoga & Meditation with your Little One

As we enter our first full month of social distancing, we know how hard it is for you as parents/gua...
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Child Playing
6th March 2020

Settling in Preschoolers at Nursery

As parents of young children, we know that you’re probably slightly apprehensive about sending you...
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27th February 2020

Little Angels 24/7 – Prestige Award Winners!

Nursery of the Year 2019 Founded in the early 1990’s, Little Angels nurseries were intended to ens...
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Children's Cooking Classes
11th December 2019

Children’s Cooking Classes

Little Angels cooking classes are a fun-filled experience that allow your children to learn about nu...
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Music Lessons For Children
28th November 2019

Music Lessons For Children

We are delighted to introduce music lessons as part of our ongoing aim of continuous development for...
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Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play Little Angels
14th November 2019

Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play

What do Little Angels nursery trips include? Little Angels nursery trips can include anything from a...
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French Lessons Little Angels
10th October 2019

French Lessons For Kids – Les Petit Tigres

Much like our early year’s sign language classes, we know how important it is for children to ...
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Little Angels Early Years Sign Language
19th September 2019

Early Years Sign Language Class

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of sign language for children and here at Little ...
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Stretch N Grow Little Angels
12th September 2019

Stretch N Grow

The benefits of exercise for children We know how important it is for us as adults to exercise but w...
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Little Angels Yoga For Children
8th August 2019

Benefits of Yoga for Children

The health benefits of yoga for children are indisputable but unfortunately are seldom highlighted. ...
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Children's Toys | Childcare Southwark
30th July 2019

Our New Southwark Bridge Road Nursery

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our long-awaited second Little Angels Nursery on Southwar...
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15th July 2019

Moving From One Nursery To Another

Picking the right nursery for your child can be a daunting decision, but it’s important to realise...
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Baby Yoga Little Angels
28th November 2018

The Main Benefits Of Baby Yoga

From bouncing around in your tummy during your pregnancy to being rocked as a newborn, your baby has...
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21st September 2018

Ask The Community: New Learning & Development Tips

As part of our new “Ask The Community” series, Little Angels have been speaking to a whole host ...
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7th September 2018

Settling Reluctant Children Into Nursery

When it comes to settling reluctant children into nursery it’s important to remember that every pa...
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20th July 2018

Keeping Babies Comfortable in the Summer Heat

The heat waves of summer can be a struggle for us all even as adults, but how can we keep the little...
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10th May 2018

How Young Children Learn Languages

In this modern world where different cultures are coming together and travelling is easily done, man...
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3rd October 2017

Top 5 Things To Look For In a Nursery

So you’re relatively new to parenting or you’ve just moved home, here’s what to look for when ...
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25th September 2017

How Can I Trust Your Nursery for My Child?

We’re glad you want the answer to this question, that is how the industry will keep up its standar...
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19th September 2017

How Can I Trust My Child in Someone Else’s Care?

This is a common question and the one most of you will face before even considering whether you will...
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