The 5 Best Spring Themed Activities for Toddlers

After a long winter and lots of time spent indoors, the warmer weather and longer spring days are the perfect opportunity to get your little ones outside for some fun activities.

Here are some of the best spring activities for toddlers to enjoy.

What should I do with my toddler in Spring?

Venturing outside during spring can open up a host of fun outdoor activities for kids. It’s a way to ensure that your child is getting some exercise, fresh air, vitamin D and also some quality time with you. 

You can also use this as a way to incorporate some learning activities to aid your child’s development, for example:

Making a nature collage to develop their fine motor skills or going for a walk to discover different animals and plants.

It’s a good idea to prepare in advance and make sure that your child has adequate clothing i.e wellies if they’ll be jumping in puddles, a rain mac if there’s a chance of light rain, clothes that can get a bit grubby etc.

While spring is a great time to reconnect with nature, the British weather can throw a spanner in the works, so it’s always beneficial to have some backup indoor options, such as craft activities such as:

Using playdough to make a flower garden or sitting by a window and painting the outdoor view.


The 5 best spring activities for toddlers

Plant some flowers or seeds

Take advantage of the warmer weather with some nature activities such as planting some flowers or seeds. This type of activity will stimulate your child’s senses and awaken their curiosity about the great outdoors.

Take this opportunity to teach your child about the importance of taking care of nature. 

Give them the important job of watering the plant each day and checking on the flower’s progress. You could even take pictures of the process and create a scrapbook to record the journey.

Toddler planting flowers spring themed activity


Create a spring sensory bin

Sensory bins are a brilliant activity to not only keep your child occupied, but they also have a number of developmental benefits too including; cognitive development, stimulating their fine and gross motor skills and enhancing their memory, to name just a few. 

They are essentially a “bin” (plastic box), filled with objects to stimulate your child’s senses. You can set one up relatively easily using these tips. There are also sensory bin kits that you can buy to make it even easier. 

Set this up in your garden or use some natural objects such as flowers or sticks to connect your child with their natural surroundings.

Spring themed sensory box activity for toddlers


Press spring flowers

Develop your child’s artistic skills with simple art activities by incorporating elements of spring into this, such as pressing flowers. Art activities are an effective way to expose your child to sensory play experiences. With beautiful flowers blooming it’s the perfect time to try out this fun spring-themed activity. 

Collect a selection of flowers on your next walk, then to press them, you’ll want to lay them between two pieces of parchment or wax paper and place a heavy book on top to press them down. 

For the best results, you should leave the flowers under the book for 7-10 days. The pressed flowers can then be used to make collages, decorate pages in a scrapbook, or even create some homemade cards.

Daisy flowers spring themed activity for toddlers


Organise an Easter egg hunt

A family-friendly activity that people of all ages can get involved in. If you have access to a garden, hide some eggs outside for everyone to go on the hunt for. In the lead up to the Easter egg hunt, you could incorporate a craft activity and help your child to make a little cardboard basket to collect their eggs in. 

Don’t have your own garden? Why not see if you can team up with a neighbour or friend. 

Top tip: remember to count the eggs before you start hiding them so that you know when they’ve all been found; it may even help to make a note of where you’ve hidden them.

Two children doing an Easter egg hunt outside


Draw on the ground with chalk paint

Purchase some washable chalk paint and let your child use the ground as their canvas to create some art. They could paint a beautiful landscape, be more abstract with some mark-making, or even take a picture while you’re out on a walk and they could recreate this at home.

Spring crafts for toddlers can help to ignite their imagination while they take in some fresh air, it’s beneficial all around.

Child drawing on the ground with chalk


Learning about Spring at Little Angels 24/7 Nursery

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