Early Years Sign Language Class

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of sign language for children and here at Little Angel’s, we believe that early years sign language is extremely beneficial for children and their development. We have partnered with a specialist baby & children sign language teacher, Charly of Ettie Betty Baby Signs, to deliver weekly classes to the children at Little Angels nurseries. 

Why should my child be learning sign language?

Early years sign language has been growing in popularity as more and more people see how it can help with the language development of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. You probably notice your baby start to point, wave and grab at objects and this is the start of them trying to communicate with you. Baby sign language builds on that initial instinct and helps develop this for accelerated development in your child. 

Babies from as young as 6 months old onwards know what they want. Whether it’s food, toys, rest or some attention but sometimes have difficulty communicating it. Baby sign language allows them to tell you what they need. 

Teaching sign language at a young age can help speech development. Many baby signers are early talkers when using speech and sign alongside each other. Children’s sign language can also assist with language development, helping your child learn a wider vocabulary. 

The classes use British Sign Language which is a recognised language and a fantastic skill for your child to continue learning throughout nursery and beyond. Finally, another wonderful benefit of early years sign language is that it teaches children about different communication methods for a more inclusive society. 

Benefits of sign language for children include:

  • Better communication of emotions
  • Assists in language development
  • Improved communication with peers and adults

What do early years sign language classes include?

Once a week Ettie Betty Baby Signs joins us at our Little Angels locations for engaging and informative classes all around British sign language. The brilliant team use props, toys and role play to help children understand words and develop their language.

Songs, stories and imaginative play are all used to make the lessons fun and entertaining. With a new theme each week, the children are never bored and always excited about the next lesson. 

Sign language beyond the nursery

In order to continue sign language development we encourage parents to continue baby sign language at home. It’s a fantastic bonding experience and incredibly rewarding to see how quickly your child will develop.