French Lessons For Kids – Les Petit Tigres

Much like our early year’s sign language classes, we know how important it is for children to develop language skills that can help them in later life. 

One thing that children can benefit from hugely in their later years is the ability to speak more than one language. That’s why we have partnered with the wonderful Jackie Colchester from Les Petit Tigres to join us at Little Angels Nurseries for fun and interactive sessions that help your child learn French in a fun environment.

Why should my child learn French?

It’s widely accepted that the earlier a child learns something, the easier it is for them to retain in later life. Instead of having to study and memorise different words which can be less enjoyable, boring and more challenging. 

At preschool age, as parents and guardians know, children’s brains are like sponges, constantly learning from the things around them. This could be from the people they meet, the words they hear and the games they play. Every interaction is an opportunity for your child to learn and develop. At Little Angels, we believe that children can learn a variety of skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way and Les Petit Tigres provides an additional opportunity for such varied learning and development. 

What are the benefits of learning a second language at an early age?

French lessons for children at an early age have huge benefits. It improves brain development and enhances cognitive skills. It also gives a head start for learning languages later in life as having this foundation will help when your child starts school. 

We also believe that teaching a second language to children gives them a great understanding of other cultures and helps develop an open mind. Children who grow up learning about different languages develop empathy and curiosity for the world around them. In later years, it is arguable that people with additional languages have more career opportunities.

Finally, studies by Harvard University have shown that learning another language increases creativity and flexibility of the mind as well as critical thinking skills in young children. Learning a second language at a young age also results in better pronunciation, which can also help with overall language development. 

What do Little Angels French classes include?

Les Petit Tigres visits Little Angels nurseries to teach children French through stories, singing and games. Just as children learn their first language through hearing words from people around them, Jackie uses fun and engaging methods to teach French. Singing songs, reading stories and playing games are the main focus of the sessions so that the children learn easily. The children also associate gestures with words to understand the meanings naturally.

Early years French lessons at Little Angels are introduced without the children even realising they are learning a second language. The children are told stories from French books and the use of music and games to learn words and phrases. 

The sessions are created for children aged 5 and under, and it’s at this early stage where children can take a lot of information on board. Learning through play is the most engaging way for children to develop. Teaching a language in a fun and interactive way is at the core of Led Petit Tigres so that all children can learn French effortlessly.


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