Keeping Babies Comfortable in the Summer Heat

The heat waves of summer can be a struggle for us all even as adults, but how can we keep the little ones cool from the blazing rays of the sun this season? There’s a lot of dos and don’ts that float around parenting advice forums, so we’ve put together some great ideas for keeping babies cool in the summer months.

Stay Out Of The Sun

It may seem obvious, but sometimes we walk around in the sunshine to get from A to B or to enjoy a bit of a sun tan. Babies have sensitive skin that can be damaged easily, so how do you avoid any risk of skin damage? Stay in the shade! It’s even recommended to stay indoors all together on the hottest days of the year to keep babies under six months old cool throughout the peak of the summer heat.

Invest In A Little Hat!

Sun hats are one of the best little investments you can indulge in when it comes to keeping babies comfortable in the summer heat. Try and find a hat that has a wider styled brim so your little one’s face is fully sheltered from the harsh sunshine, preferably made from a light and airy fabric. (It may be best to purchase one with elastic strings attached so that it’s not tossed out of the pram when they decide they don’t want to be protected from the sun!)

Try Frozen Foods!

It’s common knowledge that cold foods are what we usually crave in the summer heat and it’s the same for babies too! Try freezing some fruit slices or frozen milk lollies for your little one to munch on and stay cool with during the hottest summer days. If your baby is going through the long battle of teething then this can also be a great tip to aide sore gums!

Never forget those Window Shaders!

Summer can be a great time of year for road trips and days out, but be sure to pop those window shaders up on the back seat windows so your little one can have a bit of relief from the piping hot sun shine. Babies are sensitive to light and direct sun, so be sure to give them a little relief from the harsh light.

Purchase a paddling pool!

Any baby loves a splish-splash in some water, so what better season is there for it than summer!? Let your baby have some fun and stay cool in a shallow tub of water on a hot summer day. You can pop some bath toys in with the baby too so they stay entertained! A dollop of sunscreen is also a recommended to help protect your baby in the hot weather.

Stick To Light Fabrics

Dress your baby in light and breezy clothing as the weather starts to get hotter in summer. Heavy and tight clothing is one of the main reasons for babies not staying cool in summer. Try avoid frills and fuss when it comes to dressing your little one and keep it simple and airy!


Hopefully these tips will keep your babies comfortable in the summer heat!