Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play

What do Little Angels nursery trips include?

Little Angels nursery trips can include anything from a visit to the local park, a nearby library, our world-famous local Borough market or places of interest. We arrange a variety of nursery outings so that your little ones can enjoy new surroundings and experiences. We believe that nursery trips and outdoor activities are essential for your child’s development. 

Our most popular nursery trips and outdoor activities currently include:

  • Walks to the local playground 
  • Visits to the local library
  • Visits to the exhibitions on at the Tate gallery (especially those with sensory elements)
  • Walks along the River Thames 
  • Exploring life along the Southbank 
  • Visits to the world-famous Borough Market
  • Exploring local parks

We find that children are particularly engaging when they experience something new with their peers. The interaction with others, excitement and chance to discover something new is something that all children enjoy during our nursery trips and outings.

Why does Little Angels have nursery outings?

We believe that it’s essential that children have opportunities for nursery trips and outdoor activities whilst
in our care
. We believe that taking the children on outings helps them to learn about boundaries and risk assessment as well as the natural environment and how their actions impact upon it.

Alongside this, we believe that outdoor activities for children in the fresh air are extremely beneficial for overall development. Children should be able to explore and make discoveries outside the classroom. 

Unfortunately, cultural changes have made it the norm for children to be inside watching TV or on a computer. We believe that time spent outdoors is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about the world around them. It also gets children involved in physical activity as well as learning about themselves and the environment.

How often do you have nursery outings?

Little Angels aim to have nursery outings once per month and outdoor play every day. This may be a walk to the park and back or maybe a longer trip to a local library or museum. 

The children really enjoy the opportunity to get messy and creative in mud and have lots of fun when planting and cultivating crops.  The great British weather is often a factor when deciding when and where to go. We always make sure that the children are dressed for rain or shine whenever they leave the nursery.

What about safety?

Our biggest priority during nursery outings and outdoor play is the children’s safety. Before each outing, we carry out a risk assessment and we will only take children out of the nursery with the parents written permission. 

There will always be a paediatric first aider present on all of the nursery trips and a first aid kit available.  Given that safety is our number one priority, when venturing afar with the little ones our nursery outings and outdoor play sessions are staffed on a 1 adult to 2 children ratio, significantly higher than the statutory ratios.

The younger children are always taken out in a pram or buggy. We are extremely proud of our colourful six-seater buggy which allows us to transport a group of small children safely and comfortably. 

Older children are paired up and allocated to a member of staff when they are out of the nursery. This way, we can ensure that all children are safe and accounted for during all nursery outings. Our full Health & Safety Policy can be found here.