What Do Children Learn in Nursery

On top of receiving exceptional care, we know that education and discovery are important to a lot of parents. But what do children actually learn whilst at nursery? 

From social skills to intellectual development, here’s everything that we cover at Little Angels that will prepare your child for school.

What is the EYFS framework?

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) is a curriculum followed by all Ofsted registered childcare settings. It was introduced as part of the 2006 Childcare Act and aims to support the learning and development of children aged 0-5. 

The EYFS framework helps children to learn through play, by that listening to stories, painting or solving puzzles. The curriculum also focuses on introducing early literacy and maths skills, as well as social development.

What will your child learn in EYFS?

There are seven areas of learning and development that are included in the framework.

The seven areas are split into three core aspects, and four specific areas of learning. The core aspects include:

1. Communication and Language

Learning how to communicate with friends, family and those around your child is a crucial part of their development. 

In the early years, your little one will learn listening and attention skills, as well as how to understand and respond to others. At nursery, this is in the form of conversations, rhymes, songs, sharing stories and listening exercises.

By the time your child leaves us, they will have developed confidence as well as skills in expressing themselves. This means that when they start school, they will be able to speak and listen in a range of learning situations. 

2. Physical Development

Physical development is important for your child to have a healthy lifestyle. This learning area is all about being active and interactive, whilst learning to make healthy choices with food.

We will help your child to develop fine and gross motor skills, which will encourage independence and help them to complete everyday tasks.

At nursery, your child will be given endless opportunities to run, jump and play, and additionally, to develop those fine motor skills by using pencils and scissors. 

3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The physical well-being and mental health of your child are so important to us, which is why we closely and carefully follow the EYFS framework with this learning area. 

This encourages your child to gain long-term skills, such as having self-confidence and awareness, being able to have relationships with others and managing their emotions in a healthy way.

There are lots of ways we encourage this at nursery, such as allowing time to play and making friends but also by managing behaviour and conflicts.

There are also four specific learning areas, which include:

4. Literacy

Typically, literacy in the early years is split into reading and writing. The communications learning area will also assist with these. At nursery, learning literacy can be in the form of looking at books and stories. 

To encourage an interest in literacy, we provide access to a wide range of reading materials, including storybooks and poems. Your child will also begin copying the letters in their own name, as well as drawing and painting to develop the hand-eye coordination needed to start learning to write.

5. Mathematics

Maths at nursery covers very simple concepts, such as looking at numbers, shapes and measurements during their play. 

We will develop their skills in counting and calculating simple addition and subtraction equations. It’s really about introducing these concepts to your child to make it easier when they start Key Stage 1 at school.

6. Understanding the World

This learning area helps your child to understand the physical world around them. 

This includes looking at different cultures, people and their communities. We encourage any opportunities to explore places and the environment, be that through technology or observation.

7. Expressive Arts and Design

Lastly, your little one will develop their creativity and expression skills. They’ll use different media and materials to create their own artworks.

There is also a big focus on using their imagination, as well as using their own thoughts and opinions to be creative.

Learning and Development at Little Angels Nursery

We take pride in delivering excellent childcare as well as setting your little one up for their years ahead in education. Our nursery staff will help to ensure the development of your child in the EYFS framework areas and prepare them for Key Stage One.

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