Why Going to A Nursery Open Day Is Important

Sending your child to a nursery for the first time can be daunting for most parents. We understand how vital it is for parents to get all their questions answered before sending their little ones off to nursery!

Attending a nursery open day is a fantastic way to find the ideal environment for your child.

In a nutshell, you’ll look around, learn about all the activities they take part in, and how the nursery provides your child with the greatest possible start in life. Not to mention the staff, who are the heart and soul of any good nursery.


What is a nursery open day?

Parents and guardians can visit nursery open days to meet the team, current parents, tour the facilities, and learn more about how the nursery functions before deciding whether to enrol their child.

They’re full of laughter, children playing, and parents chatting, making them the ideal place to explore and get answers to all your questions.


Why is going to a nursery open day important?

Every nursery is unique, but to help you get started, we’ve prepared a helpful list of the top reasons visiting a nursery open day near you is important.


  • You get to view the facilities

We cannot overstate the value of seeing the facilities in person. You’ll learn about the size of the space, the different areas (play areas, sensory areas, baby rooms, etc.), the dining facilities, and whether there are adequate outside areas.

Take a look at all the different rooms and play spaces! From baby, toddler, and preschool rooms to gardens and kitchens, there should be something for every child. You can get a sense of the atmosphere and envision where your child will develop and grow over the following few years by paying a visit to a nursery open day.

Little Angels nursery on nursery open day


  • You will meet the nursery staff

Meeting the staff will provide you with an insight into how your children will be cared for. Nurseries should be welcoming, friendly, and eager to answer any questions you may have, making you feel at ease and giving you trust in their abilities.

It may sound obvious, but not only is it beneficial to meet individuals in person, but it also makes the transition period easier for both you and your child by seeing a familiar face when you drop them off on their first day. 

Visiting a nursery open day will provide you with the necessary peace of mind!


  • You can talk to existing parents

Often nurseries will have existing parents milling around who will be available to chat with or have a cup of tea with. This is an excellent way to learn about their personal experiences as well as how well their child is cared for at the nursery.


  • You’ll find out how the nursery operates

Nursery open days should be filled with children playing and going about their daily activities. This gives you an idea of how the nursery works on a normal day. Can you imagine your child playing, learning, and growing there?

Visiting a nursery open day near you is the best way to get a true feel for how the nursery works, its values and ethos, as well as the activities and curriculum your child will take part in.

Children playing at nursery open day


  • You can ask questions throughout

As there will be so many people to talk to, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to a variety of people. 

Ask away! You never know what questions will surface while you walk around—and childcare professionals will be there by your side to answer them and point out all the important details, doing everything possible to ensure you are up to date by the time you leave.


  • You can see whether your child loves the nursery

You may get a fuller sense of how well your child will fit into the nursery if you bring them. Do they want to run about and have fun? There’s no better way to see how your child will adjust to their new nursery than to take them to a nursery open day and let them loose!

Hopefully, their time will be filled with warmth, fun, and laughter—and they may not want to come home!


  • You can learn about extracurricular activities

Some nurseries offer extracurricular activities that you may want to sign your child up for.

We offer French classes, yoga, stretch-n-grow, early years sign language, music, and cookery classes at Little Angels, to name a few.

We also have regular outings and trips to introduce your child to the world’s hidden gems, farms, and museums, instilling in them a sense of wonder and discovery. 

Little Angels have in place everything your child could ever need to grow, have fun, and learn during their stay here. You can find out more about our classes and activities on our website.

Children trying activities at nursery open day


Nursery Open Days Near You at Little Angels

Looking for nursery Open Days near Perkins Square and Southwark Bridge? Come see what Little Angels Nurseries is all about! 

Sign up for our upcoming nursery Open Day!

We truly believe that you’ll only know if our Nursery is right for you and your little ones with a visit, so come and join us on an open day—we look forward to seeing you soon!

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