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Why Is Music Important For Child Development?

woman playing xylophone with toddler

Whatever your taste in music, it probably plays an important role in your everyday life. That’s why we believe it’s truly a gift to instil in your baby or toddler the joy that music can bring.  But pleasure aside, why is music important for a child’s development? There are a number of benefits of music… Read more »

6 Workouts To Do With Your Toddler

Mum and toddler workout by the sea

We all know the importance of keeping active, no matter what age we are. But for your toddler, regular exercise is especially key for their healthy development and growth. To make exercise more fun for you both, why not partake in some parent and toddler workouts? We’ve got 6 workouts to do with toddlers to… Read more »

Toddler Playdate Ideas to Help Your Toddler Make Friends

Toddler playdate

Worried about arranging fun playdates for your little one? Whilst toddlers will naturally make friends at nursery, it can be great to set up playdates outside of a nursery setting.  Here are our top tips for setting up fun playdates that will encourage your toddler to develop budding friendships. Playdates are the perfect opportunity to… Read more »

Creative Maths Activities for Toddlers

Creative maths activities chalkboard

It can sometimes be difficult to get your toddler excited about learning maths at home. But when you mix maths with arts and crafts, your little one can be more engaged, which in turn, will help them learn faster! As well as being a source of family fun, these activities also have the advantage of… Read more »

Fun Hygiene Activities for Toddlers

Toddler and parent washing hands as fun hygiene activity

Hygiene might currently seem boring and like a chore for your toddler, but it is imperative that we teach them about hygiene and how they can keep themselves healthy. Here are some fun ways that you can make hygiene more exciting and help your toddler understand the science behind keeping clean. Basic Toddler Hygiene: What… Read more »

3 Quick & Easy Cakes to Bake with Your Toddler

Toddler doing simple baking at home

Simple baking with your toddler can help them practise those fine motor skills, as well as educate them about ingredients, learn measuring skills and introduce them to cooking!  But overall, baking is a fun activity to do together where you can bond as parent and child. So, here are some really easy and delicious cakes… Read more »

10 Outdoor Activities For Children

toddler pouring out a watering can on plants

Passionate about getting your children outside? After being in lockdown for so long, it is vital that your child gets to experience the great outdoors.  It can not only be a great way to get in some exercise and have a break from TV or devices, but also a nice opportunity to spend time with… Read more »

The Difference Between Nursery and Pre-School

children's colouring crayons

Often parents can think that nursery and preschool are the same things. However, whilst they share some similarities, they both provide varied approaches to setting your child up for school.  As a parent or carer, it’s only natural that you want to ensure that your child is placed at the right childcare establishment in terms… Read more »