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Settling in Preschoolers at Nursery

Child Playing

As parents of young children, we know that you’re probably slightly apprehensive about sending your child to nursery school. This is especially true if you are looking for a place for a child aged 3-5 that has attended a different nursery previously or is just starting on their nursery journey. Whether it’s your first time… Read more »

Children’s Cooking Classes

Children's Cooking Classes

Little Angels cooking classes are a fun-filled experience that allow your children to learn about nutrition in an enjoyable and informative way. We teach the children easy to make, nutritious dishes so that they can see the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet from a young age. Cooking classes are a fantastic way for… Read more »

Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play

Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play Little Angels

What do Little Angels nursery trips include? Little Angels nursery trips can include anything from a visit to the local park, a nearby library, our world-famous local Borough market or places of interest. We arrange a variety of nursery outings so that your little ones can enjoy new surroundings and experiences. We believe that nursery… Read more »

French Lessons For Kids – Les Petit Tigres

French Lessons Little Angels

Much like our early year’s sign language classes, we know how important it is for children to develop language skills that can help them in later life.  One thing that children can benefit from hugely in their later years is the ability to speak more than one language. That’s why we have partnered with the… Read more »