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Music Lessons For Children

Music Lessons For Children

We are delighted to introduce music lessons as part of our ongoing aim of continuous development for the children at Little Angels. Music plays a huge part in our everyday lives, and we believe it’s important to learn the joy that can come from music at a young age. Music classes are fun, exciting and… Read more »

Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play

Nursery Trips & Outdoor Play Little Angels

What do Little Angels nursery trips include? Little Angels nursery trips can include anything from a visit to the local park, a nearby library, our world-famous local Borough market or places of interest. We arrange a variety of nursery outings so that your little ones can enjoy new surroundings and experiences. We believe that nursery… Read more »

Early Years Sign Language Class

Little Angels Early Years Sign Language

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of sign language for children and here at Little Angel’s, we believe that early years sign language is extremely beneficial for children and their development. We have partnered with a specialist baby & children sign language teacher, Charly of Ettie Betty Baby Signs, to deliver weekly classes… Read more »

Stretch N Grow

Stretch N Grow Little Angels

The benefits of exercise for children We know how important it is for us as adults to exercise but what about children and toddlers? Can they really benefit from exercise at such a young age? The answer is YES! Toddlers and children are at a stage in their life when everything is new and an… Read more »

Benefits of Yoga for Children

Little Angels Yoga For Children

The health benefits of yoga for children are indisputable but unfortunately are seldom highlighted. It enhances a child’s motor skills, increases self-confidence, improves concentration whilst enabling self-expression and body awareness. Yoga for children also offers an effective way to manage hyperactivity and stress. Teaching children how to relax, unwind and calm down. Physically, yoga builds… Read more »

The Main Benefits Of Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga Little Angels

From bouncing around in your tummy during your pregnancy to being rocked as a newborn, your baby has a natural instinct to unify their sensory experiences through an emotional interaction with their parents or trusted carers. Baby yoga allows babies to be handled in a way that brings them enjoyment and comfort, as well as… Read more »