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How to Help a Toddler Learn to Talk

Child playing

While toddlers may develop their language skills gradually, the process of learning to talk actually starts at birth. Right from the beginning, your baby will start to listen, recognise your speech and make their own noises and sounds.  As they reach 6-12 months old, they should begin to understand the use of certain phrases or… Read more »

How to Improve Social Skills in Toddlers

Two Children Together by a pond

Developing social skills is one of the key aspects of a child’s development and impacts how they progress through nursery, school and into adult life. Studies have shown that the most important skills a child needs to learn at preschool are social skills, including cooperation, self-control, confidence and communication.  Improving your child’s social skills can… Read more »

How to Teach Your Toddler to Read

Toddler Reading Book

Learning to read is one of the most important stages in a child’s development. It is also an essential skill for success in school and later life, so it’s vital they begin learning from a young age.  As a parent, it can be hard to know where to begin. Since every child learns in different… Read more »

Our Approach to Helping Fussy Eaters at Nursery

Children Eating

Fussy eating is a common problem for young children, with 75% of toddlers affected to some extent. Reports suggest the problem has increased in recent years due to more choices of food available, the rise of fast food and a lack of knowledge about where food comes from.  For parents of fussy eaters, mealtimes can… Read more »

How nursery should prepare your child for school

Preparing for the first day of school can be a daunting prospect for any child, but luckily there are many ways that attending nursery can help. According to a study by the Department for Education, children who attended nursery had better attainment in language, pre-reading and were more socially adjusted than children who did not. … Read more »

Music Lessons For Children

Music Lessons For Children

We are delighted to introduce music lessons as part of our ongoing aim of continuous development for the children at Little Angels. Music plays a huge part in our everyday lives, and we believe it’s important to learn the joy that can come from music at a young age. Music classes are fun, exciting and… Read more »